Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Step by step cats eyes in coloured pencils

There are many different ways and colours you can use to create cats eyes with coloured pencils.  I personally use Prismacolor pencils as these are my favourites!  I started creating cats eyes using Anne deMille Flood's book 'Realistic Pet Portraits'.  This is based on her methods but just done in my own way!

1. I started with a full wash of cream created very gently with small circle movements.
2. A wash of canary yellow over the cream leaving the very light parts of the eye as cream.
3. Gently wash chartreuse over the canary yellow.
4. Using mineral orange use gentle strokes to darken parts of the eyeball to give it shape.
5. Create the shadows under the top of the eye ball and parts of the bottom with tuscan red.
6. Continue to model the eyeball using peacock green with very gentle strokes particularly over the    
    tuscan red.
7. Darken the shadows using indigo blue using very gentle strokes.
8. Using small gentle circles use apple green to wash over the eye.
9. Add a small amount of yellowish orange to continue to shape the eyeball.
10. Use black and indigo to work in the pupil and outline pressing harder once the layers have been
    worked up.  Add white and a touch of true blue for the highlight.
11. In the right corner of the left eye and right side of the right eye, use a touch of tuscan red, indigo
      blue and french grey 50%, apple green and white.  Gentle wash of black around the eyes before
      finishing them to get the right tone.
12. Add a few dark lines to the eyes with peacock green, indigo blue and tuscan red.
13. Add finishing touches using previous colours.  Tweak the highlights if they have got lost using an
      electric rubber carefully!