Sunday, 28 April 2013

I'm very pleased that I have now completed all three cats!  My step daughter asked how I make the hair look so real.  When I showed her how I worked in layers building them up she commented that it was going to take me rather a long time!  Indeed it is, but I find it very relaxing stroking on the hair.  The top cat Brooklyn was the most challenging with all the different markings to make sure I got right.  My next challenge is to draw the New York skyline then hopefully I'll be on the home straight! 

Sunday, 14 April 2013

I am currently working on a very exciting commission of three cats.  I have been asked to produce a picture of three cats with a New York theme.  The lady in question, Lisa, loves New York and has named her three cats Madison, Brooklyn and Franklin.  She is also getting married in New York later in the year and participating in a cycle challenge while there to raise money for charity!  I am very lucky to have the perfect client who has left it entirely up to me how to go about this challenge!  I decided to create a street theme with a billboard of the three cats on with the New York skyline as a background.  There will also be part of a bicycle and some confetti blowing into the picture to make it personal to her.  The cat I have done so far is called Madison and I was lucky enough to previously draw her when she was a kitten.  I loooooove working in coloured pencils and its been nice to have the opportunity to use some colours I don't normally get the chance to!

Friday, 12 April 2013

My new pencil holders!

Check out my new pencil holders! I got the idea from 'how to create a lazy Susan coloured pencil holder' on www.makingamark

I absolutely love my new pencil holders, I can now easily find the colours I want without having to search through boxes of pencils! While they are pretty straight forward to create, they did take me a little while. It was simply a case of buying a couple of lazy susans (I found some at ikea) and a couple of planks of wood and some glue. I have to admit my sawing skills were not great and my lovely hubby came to the rescue with an electric saw! I did however, drill over 200 holes all by myself!! I never want to have to drill another hole again mind! I also made two free standing bits of wood joined with a hinge to put the colours in I am using there and then.  

Tiger Workshop

I have been so ridiculously busy for the last few weeks that I never got a chance to post about the workshop I went on!  I got to spend two days on a pastel workshop run by Vic Bearcroft, and what a fantastic time I had.  Firstly it was just nice to have two days without having to do other things to draw! I haven't done pastels for probably the past year and I had forgotten how much I enjoy using them.  Going on a workshop is also a fantastic opportunity to meet other artists which I always really enjoy and it's amazing to see how different our pictures all looked even though we had the same subject matter.  Need to start saving my pennies so I can go on another soon!