Friday, 12 April 2013

My new pencil holders!

Check out my new pencil holders! I got the idea from 'how to create a lazy Susan coloured pencil holder' on www.makingamark

I absolutely love my new pencil holders, I can now easily find the colours I want without having to search through boxes of pencils! While they are pretty straight forward to create, they did take me a little while. It was simply a case of buying a couple of lazy susans (I found some at ikea) and a couple of planks of wood and some glue. I have to admit my sawing skills were not great and my lovely hubby came to the rescue with an electric saw! I did however, drill over 200 holes all by myself!! I never want to have to drill another hole again mind! I also made two free standing bits of wood joined with a hinge to put the colours in I am using there and then.