Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Inspiration.....what inspires you to be creative?

Following on from my last blog about sketching, it got me thinking about what actually drives you to go and draw or paint, to be creative? Where can you find inspiration to be creative to create a sketch to a full on masterpiece? For all of us the answer is likely to be different. We all see beauty in different things and different ways. That age old saying 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' rings true! I decided to actually ask myself this question and give it some thought so next time I'm lacking inspiration I'm already prepared! 

That lightbulb inspiration moment when you are filled
with excitement and passion to be creative is the most amazing feeling.

We live in a world that's not only full of beauty but heart ache and suffering. It's not always the things that make you happy and smile that are inspiring, but it can be sadness and pain that drive you to create something wonderful. For me, my passion has always been animals. The look in their eyes, the way they play and interact with one another, the love and devotion they show you or one another, the funny things they do all provide me with inspiration. 

'Artur' an Amur Leopard at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation
(©Izzy's Art) 

It's the art of observing that provides true inspiration. 

It might be everyday observations of my beloved pets to visiting the zoo or a cat sanctuary for the day and the excitement I feel witnessing these beautiful creatures. Like I said previously, it's not always these exciting moments in time that provide the best inspiration, sometimes it's something sad that drives you. For me, it's when I read or hear about how the number of tigers in the wild is rapidly dwindling, or I see photographs of elephants or rhinos that are ruthlessly killed by poachers. It is these instances that make me want to capture the love and beauty of these magnificent animals as they should be seen.  

It's not just objects, animals or people that are inspiring to artists but also nature, the smells and noise of the big city, the weather, colours, shapes, music, things you touch or taste, new art materials..... the list is endless!  For me personally, colour plays a big part in inspiring me whether it's bright and colourful to harmonious and peaceful colours, depending upon my mood!

The Grand Canyon
The shear size alone is awe inspiring!
(©Izzy's Art)

The key to finding inspiration is to look at what makes you feel happy, sad, excited, passionate...... Open your eyes and observe the world around you and take time to truly look, feel and appreciate. Allowing yourself to push your boundaries and try new things can be invigorating and truly inspiring.

Where do you find inspiration? 

How do you overcome artists block and get your creativity flowing? 

Ultimately there is no right or wrong answer, it's what works for you!